When Does Your Wood Fence Need A Fence Contractor?

Wood fences are great, but they're not always perfect. Wood deteriorates over time, no matter how well it's treated, and that means it's important to know when your fence needs to be fixed by a fence contractor. If you overlook fence repair and maintenance, you may pay more in the long run by repairing the entire fence instead of just the part that needs replacing. Here are some common wood fence problems that need the attention of a fence contractor:

1. When the Posts Are Leaning

A fence contractor can help you figure out why posts are leaning and provide you with practical solutions to get your fence back in order. First, it's important to identify whether or not your posts are leaning on their own or because of other issues—like ground settling. 

If the posts are not sinking into the ground, there's a good chance that their foundation is rotting and needs to be replaced.

2. When There Are Missing Pickets and Boards

Missing fence pickets or boards can lead to big problems. People and small animals can get into your yard through these holes and crevices. It's time to call in a fence contractor for help when missing pieces make it impossible for you to use and enjoy your yard properly.

3. When the Wood Is Rotting

Yes, rot is easy to spot, but if you don't act right away, it will only get worse. Moisture inside your fence and rotting wood are not just an eyesore; they're inviting bugs into your yard that can threaten your family's health. Call in a fence contractor immediately! They can replace the rotten pickets or boards.

4. When There Is a Pest Attack

Wood is prone to attack by different pests, including termites, carpenter ants, and powder post beetles. These insects are drawn to wood because of its high cellulose content. 

A fence contractor will have access to products specifically designed for killing wood-destroying insects and will be able to offer suggestions for preventing future attacks.

5. When There Are Stains or Mildew

If your fence is still new and you're noticing stains or mildew, it isn't properly sealed. A fence contractor will ensure all surfaces are treated and sealed to protect them from elements like water, dirt, sunlight, etc. 

You can clean it yourself by adding fresh stain or wood sealant and reapplying it over time. Otherwise, let a professional do it—they'll know how to get rid of these signs of deterioration.

A wooden fence has a classic elegance that can make your property stand out, but you need to take good care of it. Call a fence contractor when you have questions about your wood fence.